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Blue Sky 22a is sold as a second generation replacement for R407c, R404a, and MO99.

Why Switch from the Old “Ozone-Depleting” Refrigerants?

  • Blue Sky Refrigerant is incredibly effecient, 1oz of Blue Sky 22a is equivelant to 2.5 oz of traditional R22
  • Use Less, 12 lbs of Blue Sky 22a = 30 lbs of traditional R22
  • Considerable energy savings, systems using blue Sky 22a will operate with less head pressure and energy savings have been recorded up to 40%

Look How Easy The Process Is...

  • Blue Sky 22a replaces R22 substitutes in the United States
  • Blue Sky 22a is compatible with mineral and synthetic (Ester & Pag) lubricants
  • Easy to follow conversion charts on

Here's Why Blue Sky Refrigerant Is The Best

  • Our Blue Sky Refrigerant is All natural, Organic non ozone depleting Refrigerant. It has no impurities and is classified as a pharmacetuical grade product
  • Effiency! Use less refrigerant and improve performance
  • Lower your power bill
  • Blue Sky 22a is Non-Toxic, Non-Carcinogen, and zero long term health risks
  • Unlike other Hydrocarbon, Blue Sky 22a does NOT contain a rotten egg odor. Blue Sky uses a fresh pine scent for leak detection.
Blue Sky Super Seal / 12 case
Blue Sky Super Seal

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Home A/C Charging tips…

  • The Suction or Fill Side is the big line, usually surrounded with foam
  • NEVER fill on the high pressure line (small line)
  • Charging a system with Blue Sky 22a, typical Low Side Pressure is 70 psi
  • Temperature between 40-44 degrees on evap. Coil
  • Utilize conversion charts on
  • Refer to systems owner manual before charging. Existing refrigerants may need to be removed and reclaimed by qualified personnel. Please contact us if unsure how to proceed.