Blue Sky 134a Refrigerant

Blue Sky 134a Refrigerant
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Blue Sky 134a Replacement refrigerant is designed for automotive, SUV and dual air systems as well as standard small A/C units. Blue Sky 134a Replacement refrigerant is our coldest refrigerant for automotive A/C. Blue Sky 134a Replacement refrigerant is incredibly efficient, it’s not uncommon to use 60% less! Blue Sky 134a Replacement refrigerant is a premium grade product that’s all-natural, non ozone depleting material and nil global warming potential. Our refrigerant is organic with no impurities and is classified as a pharmaceutical grade product.

Blue Sky Refrigerant 30 lb cylinder tank holds 12lbs of refrigerant and is equivalent to 32lbs of traditional R134a.

Blue Sky Refrigerant 50lb cylinder tank holds 20lbs of refrigerant and is equivalent to 54 lbs of R134a.

Every ounce of Blue Sky Replacement refrigerant is equivalent to 2.6 ounces of R134a and 3 ounces of R12.

Blue Sky 134a Replacement refrigerant is more efficient and lighter than CFC and HFC products so your usage will be less. Please see below for the equivalencies

6 oz of Blue Sky Replacement refrigerant =16 ounces of HFC134a and 18 ounces of R12 substitutes 30 lb cylinder tank = 12lbs Blue Sky Replacement refrigerant, 32 lbs of R134a, 36lbs of R12 Substitutes 50 lb cylinder tank=20lbs of Blue Sky Refrigerant replacement, 54 lbs of R134a and 60lbs of R12 Substitutes.

Compatibility - Blue Sky refrigerants are compatible with a majority of refrigeration materials, metal components, seals, gaskets, hoses, o-rings and compressors. Our refrigerants are also compatible with mineral and synthetic (Ester and PAG) lubricants.

Additional Information

Blue Sky Replacement refrigerants differ from other Hydrocarbons as our premium blended product does not contain the rotten egg or sulfur smell. Other companies add Mercaptin for odor and its made from sulfur , when sulfur is introduced to moisture it becomes an acid. Blue Sky refrigerants contain a pleasant pine smell to assist consumers in leak detection. Blue Sky refrigerants are earth friendly and non-ozone depleting, our refrigerants are completely safe for the environment!


Blue Sky Replacement refrigerants will not harm air conditioning, compressors or other related mechanical equipment when used in accordance with Blue Sky directions.


Blue Sky refrigerants DO NOT become caustic when contaminated with moisture or oxygen. Our refrigerants are NON-TOXIC, NON-CARCINOGEN, auto ignition temperature above 1385F. There have been NO long term health risks attributed to Blue Sky Refrigerants.


Blue Sky Replacement refrigerant customers often see considerable energy savings, our product allows your system to operate with less head pressure and have recorded energy savings up to 40% over HFC134a

International Standards

Blue Sky 134a Replacement Refrigerant also meets international standards such as—ISO 5149, BS 4434-1995, AS/NZS 1677 and ASHRAE 5149

Blue Sky Refrigerant Pressure Temperature Chart

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Henry
06/06/2012 - 01:29:31 AM
Blue Sky 134a
Blue Sky product seems to be working great..A/C is ice cold

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