Blue Sky Refrigerant Facts

Blue Sky Refrigerants are the preferred choice to replace ozone-depleting CFC-12 (Freon), HCFC-22 and R502. Blue Sky Refrigerants are all natural and has nil global warming potential. Blue Sky Refrigerant has NO impurities, In fact, it is so pure, it is classifies as a pharmaceutical grade product!

Blue Sky Refrigerants are NOT corrosive to the aluminum parts in today’s systems, Blue Sky Refrigerant does not become caustic when exposed to moisture or oxygen. Millions of vehicles have converted to hydrocarbon refrigerants with the benefit of head pressures that are greatly reduced.

Blue Sky Refrigerant cools better than traditional refrigerants, There is a tremendous difference in Blue Sky 134a and traditional R-134a.Our Blue Sky Refrigerant is up to 40% MORE EFFICIENT than R-134a.

Expect longer compressor life as Blue Sky Refrigerants are better conductors of heat and require LESS ENERGY to compress! Our refrigerant offers better lubrication as they are more soluble.

Blue Sky Refrigerants are compatible with all materials and oils (Mineral or Synthetic) in all systems. Please look at conversion charts provided on the website and compare the incredible saving opportunity.

Installation – No oil change required! Compatible with Mineral & Synthetic oils including Pag & Ester. You can use your existing tools and gauges or feel free to purchases gauges, fittings or tools from website. We offer simple economical conversions of high/low screw on fittings.

All hydrocarbons are flammable, Blue Sky Refrigerant is flammable, and must be handled accordingly. Practically all lubricants, additives and oils used in the engine of a car are flammable. Gasoline is flammable. Hair spray, deodorant and whipped cream aerosol propellants are flammable. Blue Sky Refrigerant is a (Flammable Gas 2). Hairspray = Flammable 3, Gasoline = Flammable 4, Starting Fluid = Flammable 4. All flammable products require your respect, adequate precaution and follow all directions on the label or can.